Jazz 98.5 FM WSAX-LP

Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP Radio

In November 2013, SEMM Foundation applied to the FCC for a broadcast license at frequency 98.5 FM, to serve the Columbus and surrounding communities. We were granted a construction permit on October 10, 2014 by the FCC to build the station.

Prior to applying for a broadcast license, since June 2011 SEMM Foundation's founder and team of

volunteers were responsible for providing operations and programming assistance, as well as for the success-

ful development and implementation of a pilot jazz radio format for a local, but separately owned Columbus LPFM radio station.

Demographically speaking, the Columbus community wants and can support a jazz radio station. Culturally speaking, having a jazz station is an important contribution to keeping America's art form alive and the diversity of music strong. Equally important is the support it provides to our homegrown musicians and related organizations.

Upon receipt of a new broadcast license, SEMM Foundation will broadcast as Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP, licensed to serve Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Our Mission

The mission of SEMM Foundation and Jazz 98.5 FM is to keep the art of jazz music alive through education, promotion and support of our community, musicians, venues, listeners and supporters.

SEMM Foundation has received its license to digitally broadcast via the Internet as WSAX-DB.

A Word About Our Programming

We asked listeners to play a role in selecting the types of jazz they like most. In short, we asked how you'd like your jazz brewed. There are over 30 different names given to describe jazz and the sub-genres that have grown out of the various styles that have developed over the years. Listeners completed a survey selecting the various forms of jazz they would like for Jazz 98.5 to play and below are the results.

We gave listeners a choice of 30 styles to choose from with the ability to add a version not listed. Although debated, from a novice's viewpoint, many styles closely resemble each other and because some names actually refer to describing the same sub-genre, we combined the styles into three basic groups. We grouped the various styles together if we believed them to be somewhat similar. The styles were grouped into what some refer to as CLASSIC JAZZ, SMOOTH/CONTEMPORARY JAZZ and the remaining styles into an OTHER JAZZ category.

More importantly, the survey helped confirm our idea to develop our Live Hosted jazz music shows and programming around the different sub-genres. We invite and encourage you to tune into the different hosted shows throughout the week to enjoy jazz brewed just the way you like it and also tune into other shows to allow us to brew another style we're confident you'll discover and enjoy.

Our approach is not any more scientific than we've described. In only one response we received, there was the suggestion that we not play a certain sub-genre ... Don't play this jazz or that jazz, etc. We hope listeners will enjoy the whole jazz experience, be receptive to listening to other styles without condemning the others.

Here's the breakdown of what Columbus prefers

Classic Jazz Styles

Smooth/Contemporary Jazz Styles

Other Jazz Styles Combined




Do the results above mean that Columbus and Central Ohio is a Smooth/Contemporary Jazz kind of town?

You be the judge!

Don't worry, we play it all!

Thank you for discovering us and allowing us to come into your home, car and life.


Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX

Thank you