SEMM Music Academy

Housed in the SEMM Foundation facilities is our music education division, SEMM Music Academy, an acclaimed music academy that offers private and group music lessons to students of all ages and levels. More information about out music academy is provided below.

SEMM Music Academy’s faculty of more than 16 degreed and professional instructors with national and international credentials, are committed to helping students experience the joy and pleasure of music.

Our Academy specializes in high quality music education and professional music performance. We offer a variety of programs to all students, in all disciplines of music, for all ages, levels and styles of music. To meet the cultural demands of the students, in addition to English, the Academy also has dedicated multilingual teachers with extraordinary professional experience that can converse with students in Spanish, French and German.

Our faculty, in addition to being accomplished performers and composers, are musicians and educators dedicated to the art of teaching. Through classes in music theory and history, ear training, composition, improvisation and performance skills, as well as through intense coaching in private and small ensemble environments, we help introduce and guide our students through a rich musical community that can become a home for them throughout their lives.

Our Give Back and Pay Forward Music Arts Initiative

As concerned parents and educators, either through our own personal experience of having school aged children in the public school system, or in discussing the current music education programs in the public school system with teachers and administrators, we realized current economic conditions had made it difficult for instrumental band and vocal instructional school programs to fill the student’s learning needs alone.

We realized there were a number of school aged children with musical talent or limited training opportunities that may not be participating regularly in an organized school program and for those students, we wanted to reach out and introduce them to this art form.

As a result, in a special partnership with the Columbus City Schools, the Academy developed and implemented an unprecedented scholarship program to provide free and reduced fee private music instruction to an anticipated 186 school children from elementary through high school. Our "Give Back and Pay Forward Music Arts Initiative" is a program that helps students reach their potential. To date, we have given over 200 children free private scholarship lessons and assisted several into being accepted in College.

We believed this program would create a "trickle up" economic benefit to retail music stores and others of which these students would become customers buying reeds, slide oil, sheet music, other accessories, and even instruments. Chances are, these students would not have been customers had we not reached out to teach them or rejuvenate their musical interests.

With the inclusion of our radio station, we plan to expand this program and structure it to effectively support as many organizations and community causes that mirror our industry and culture. We believe that it takes more than just caring; it takes proactive action to build or rebuild and sustain our music community.  We must keep the pipeline of young budding musicians full to insure that the art of music remains alive and vibrant.